How To Lose Weight Quickly Before The Wedding

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So, you got the biggest day of your life coming up aka your wedding? It is all good but then you have some 20 pounds to lose by then and you just don’t have adequate time. Now, what will you do? Don’t worry you too can lose weight quickly with a little bit of determination and the right tactics. We will tell you a few tricks about how to lose weight quickly before the wedding!

Don’t Eat Extra Food

1. You cannot afford to lose any of the essential nutrients at this crucial time of your life; due to which even if you are going to follow a diet, try to do it in a supervised professional manner so that you can have all the essential nutrients that are really important for you at this time of your life. Stay away from the dreaded fizzy drinks and of course the processed foods; go natural. Eat fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt, or whole-grain cereal which will surely help you with weight loss by keeping you away from extra food.


2. Losing weight quickly is one thing and not putting on extra is another. If you really do not want to be bothered with more extra weight, try fibrous foods as the filling quality that these have will help you get on with quick fat loss, while you can stay focused on losing the weight that you are actually plagued with! Fiber will keep a check on your cholesterol levels decreasing the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.

Regular Food Diary

3. Maintain a regular food diary so that you can record whatever you are eating in the course of a day. In this way, you can also keep a check on the timings when you have food. For example for some food afternoon is much better than the night whereas for the others you can prefer an order which is the other way around.

Strength Training and Cardio

4. You just cannot do away with exercise completely for without some proper exercise you just can’t imagine losing weight. for the best form of exercise, I would suggest, a combination of strength training and cardio would be the best but still, it is always better to have a preference for strength training as it increases the metabolism of the body completely, thus, in turn, causing the body to be losing weight even after you have stopped the training.

I know that wedding can really take a toll on your routine and of course on your life so you really cannot afford more panic in terms of weight. What I would suggest is to take to give it some time, and try to ingrain all of these habits in your life; you will gradually start feeling a much-awaited change. Mind you, the change will come but you just need to be patient. Try to take control of your lifestyle and keep a count of each thing that you eat. Along with a healthy jot of exercise, you are sure to manage your way around how to lose weight quickly before the wedding.

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